About Us

Digital Technologies is one of the biggest rental services providers of the computer, laptop & plasma rentals services. We offers many types of equipment ranges from desktops, lcd displays, servers, projectors, kiosks, audio visual, printers, office equipment, networking & storage backups on rental basis. We offers top quality equipment from the major manufacturers such as Compaq, Dell, IBM, Panasonic, Sony, Toshiba, Acer, HP and more. Digital Technologies is a leader in providing computer and audiovisual rental services to kochi, Kerala, India. Our equipment arrive on time and we configured to suit to your requirements. We have vast experience in computer rental services & offers complete customized configuration of all computer rental equipment.

BENEFITS OF RENTING: 1) Availability of all the required equipments. 2) Uniquely customized to meet your requirements. 3) Trained professionals for maintenance & service. 4) Low capital investments. 5) Zero maintenance costs. 6) Less Hassle.

EXPERIENCE: Digital Technologies with a rich industry experience has provided wide range of computer related computer rental services. Major corporate companies have relied on us for their short-term computer rental requirements for various events like Meetings, Trade shows, Conventions Seminars, Training and Special Projects. The state-of-art warehouses are strategically located nationwide to provide distribution.

RENTAL OR BUYING: Most companies are confused whether rent or buy computer equipment. Often, clients purchase equipment thinking it will help the company immensely. This is true for some companies but for the most of them renting is the most beneficial alternative. For any temporary purposes renting is the best option. A renting is lower as oppose to capital purchase.

Why Rent a Computer?

Outright purchase of computer equipments for short tem projects is expensive. Renting fulfills your requirement at a fraction of the cost.

Temporary Offices

Computer Rental companies setup offices according to the company's specifications. From printers, computers, copiers, to fax machines rentfusion manages all.

Training Sessions, Seminars

Computer Rental companies set up entire hardware required for computer training program and various other seminars.


Computer Rental companies handle installation of hardware which is required for conferences to go properly. From sound systems to projectors rental companies take care of all the requirements you required.

Traveling Employees

Traveling employees won't have to carry computers or other requirements through airports or other public transportation facilities. A computer rental company gives executives the edge of having preconfigured the requirements at their final destinations.

Special Projects

Special requirements of projects where printers, copiers are extra required. Computer rental companies come in handy to provide to fulfill the business objective.

Corporate Events

Whether you're launching a training program or hosting conference for special purpose computer rental companies provides services to meet your corporate technological needs.

High-Tech Computer Rental for Business Promotion

In current development of technology, everyday comes with some enhancements in latest technology. To grow business and to compete with competitors, high tech equipments are required for office use and to organize conferences, trade show & seminars. Rather than going to shop and purchasing these equipments, we can take all the required computer equipments from computer rental services. It helps us to perform our tasks nicely and also aware us to the latest technology. Whether you are holding a trade show, hotel convention, or any type of business meeting, you can always count on Professional Computer Equipment Rental Services. By combining premium AV rental equipment, top-quality computer rentals, reasonable rates, and unsurpassed staff, your experience with these services will make you comfortable to organize any Business conference and other Business meetings as well as you can fulfill your office needs without investing a lot of money on these High Tech Equipments by approaching business technology rental centers. Equipment dependability at your trade show or convention means knowing that the proper equipment will be delivered, set up, and operating when you need it and where you need it. Dependability is the reason why convention and trade show producers, as well as exhibitors, have been looking to Computer Rental Services to handle their audiovisual needs. When you call for Computer Rental Services, you can depend on their trained experts to combine their extensive trades how and convention experience with broad selection of top audiovisual and computer rental inventory. The result is an impressive well-managed event. These Services are providing audiovisual rental selection includes plasma screens, high-resolution LCD monitors, and high-lumen LCD projectors – all of which draw attention and visitors to your individual exhibit or trade show production. Their trained technicians can design a standard or wireless sound system for any size audience or any type room configuration. If computer rentals, laptops or desktops, servers, and printers are needed, they are carefully selected for your exact requirements, be it for a computer-enhanced display, sophisticated Internet cafe, or for a busy registration area. Simply choose your audiovisual or computer rental equipment and let Agency deliver, set up, and provide support for everything from registration desks to full-service press rooms and breakout rooms. Once selected, your equipment will be handled by their team of experts, who will deliver, set up, test, and provide the vital technical support necessary to ensure seamless, smooth performance for your convention or trade show.

Computer Rentals: The Best Classroom Computer Training Solution

For classroom training, renting computers, sound systems and projectors from a computer rental company is the easiest and most cost efficient way to coordinate corporate training initiatives with the least amount of headaches. Save Time and Money with Training: Computer, Projector, and Sound System Equipment Rentals Even if you own all the equipment you need for a computer training session you will save money by using the installation services of a computer rental company. Computer rental companies coordinate everything technical so you can concentrate on the execution of your computer training program. Trainers can become technicians very quickly when training computer equipment doesn't work properly. Training directors know how difficult it can be to 'work out all the bugs' before, during and after each training program. Execution is the key to training results and efficiencies. If 20 of the computers don't work, you can have a training disaster on your hands. Add up all the costs and distractions from your computer training goals. Put a value on your time, say $100 per hour. Now multiply the time you and your staff spent on hardware setup, delivery, installation, maintenance and removal. Keep in mind that all computers need to have the same configuration to maximize productivity. Here is a quick checklist of common tasks that need to be accomplished on every computer training session. 1. Install same versions of operating systems and training software 2. Install sound system, projectors, printers 3. Run network cables 4. Tape down all wires 5. Connect to network services 6. Test each computer 7. Troubleshoot installation problems 8. Diagnose and fix all problems 9. Service equipment during training sessions including having spare equipment available. 10. At the end of the computer training, disconnect, pickup and return all the equipment to various locations in your company. How many man-hours would it take for you and your company's staff to accomplish the classroom training setup, service and teardown? Here are some things to find out if you use a computer rental company for computer training sessions: Find out if the computer rental company has any experience with the classroom training hardware and software you need. If they do often they can remember all the pieces and parts that easily get overlooked by a non-experienced rental company. Some rental companies will install software or 'image load' all rental computers prior to delivery. For example, you can have your training program software and the OS of your choice installed on all desktop or laptop computers! Have the computer rental technicians test each application by following your testing directions. This ensures that your training software will work as planned. Make sure delivery, setup is planned well in advance of computer training sessions. Make sure you are covered with an on-site service program! Ask for extra, spare equipment can even be included for your computer training class! Often you can get a spare unit for free! Focus on your core competency...your computer training session. Don't be distracted by hardware and software problems. Let the experts focus on their core competency.. your computer training hardware installation and management!